Public Interaction

Assembly at Shed 5

Intense inflation begins!!
Setting up in our allocated space

Unloading at Shed 5

The Convoy

Ready for the Convoy, our project is strapped down on t he trailer

Construction - Inflatable Playland!

Reuse and Recycle. Our project is concisely placed into one of the many constructed shapes for transporting it on the convoy. This transforms into a landscape, an inflated playland at Shed 5.
A floor with varied hights and thicknesses of plastics is incorporated as a safety measure for everyone who interacts with the project.

Shapes are inflated using a fan. This becomes a self-sufficient device!

Once carefully considered, the recycled plastic was heat-sealed into ambiguous shapes informed by the irregularity of Candy Floss.

Plastic Development

Spatial Potential

Candy Floss Traslated into Plastic

Candy Floss Experiments